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Your Neck is Killing You!

Mine Was Too.

I’ve been there. I know your pain. I’ve had your pain. The doctor’s tried, but they couldn’t help. 

I had neck x-rays and a neck MRI. The x-ray results showed degenerative disk disease (arthritis) of the bones in my neck and the MRI results demonstrated disk bulges at all seven levels of my neck .

  • The doctor’s gave me pain drugs, then stronger pain drugs with no relief.
  • Physical Therapy didn’t help.
  • Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections were of no-use.
  • I was not a candidate for surgery. My neck was degenerated from years of use. Surgery can’t fix that.

The Neckstretcher Eliminated My Neck Pain and Continues to Help When the Pain Returns.

While I'll Never Be Cured, I Am Pain Free.

It fits  around your neck and and inflates in order to stretch your neck and take the pressure off the nerves in your neck.

  • You are always in control of the amount of pressure. Use more, use less.
  • Can be done multiple times per day.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
If your doctor has recommended neck traction, this is a great choice!
Gently allows tight neck muscles to relax
Relieves joint and nerve pressure
Lifts the weight of your head off your neck and shoulder muscles
Supports your head for long car trips
Is a drug free solution

If the device fails, at any time, I will replace it with a completely new device at no cost to you beyond your first class postage to return the defective device. 

Returns / Refunds: 
If you've opened the mailing envelope and/or the device has been used refunds are not available.